The John Harmon Gallery is a small art gallery in Roaring Gap North Carolina featuring art from John and his friends. You can view a wide selection of John’s fine art photography framed  available for purchase. A wider selection of matted photography that can be framed while you wait. The framing is done in studio with some molding made from scratch using old barn wood  some chestnut. John will mat and frame other artwork for a reasonable fee.
Wood has become fundamental to the gallery. One January a fellow pulled up to the parking lot with a truck load of barn wood and needing  grocery money. That was how wood working took over the pottery studio, Adirondack chairs, benches, coffee tables and other wooden stuff. Currently in stock: candle boxes,  hat racks and hand made clocks.
Pottery is a main item from local potters. With four different from the North Carolina area. Functional mountain pottery with blue,brown and gray glazes. John will be setting up the pottery studio in the near future.
The John Harmon Gallery is becoming an exercise in sustainable living. The acquisition of additional acreage with a home has led to a more sustainable way of living which will be discussed in more detail later.


The story behind the above photos. Roaring Gap North Carolina is where the gallery is. And yes it does snow here, the elevation is 2942 feet where the photograph was taken. The end tables were a special order and were made from the lumber leaning against them. I wire brushed the wood then sanded it. The dog is T-max my faithful companion and head greeter at the gallery. The dragon fly was created by myself out a sawmill cut off, old rusty fence and the roof of a dog box.